Brake Special 15% Off

Replace front or rear brake pads and resurface front or rear rotors

Timing Belt Replacement Special 15% Off

Replace belt, set timing and idle speeds, inspect water pump, drive belts, cam and crank shaft seals

Free Battery Test

Every day driving conditions can affect your battery more than you think!

Remote Starter Special $25.00 Off

Keep warm through the winter with a new remote starter!

Four Wheel Alignment Special $10.00 Off

Improve your Hyundai's handling, fuel mileage and treadwear.

Hyundai Wiper Blades $5.00 Off

See the world more clearly through the windshield of your Hyundai

Tire Price Match Guarantee

If you find a better deal for the same tire at another dealership

Shocks and Struts Replacement Special 10% Off

Hyundai Shocks & Struts Replacement includes: • Hyundai Parts • Inspection • Installation

FREE Hyundai Multi-Point Inspection

Hyundai-trained technicians will inspect your vehicle and let you know if anything needs attention

Oil and Filter Change $38.95

Replace engine oil per specifications. Install a Hyundai oil filter. Check/adjust vital fluids

Hyundai Muffler and Exhaust 10% Off

• Hyundai stands behind our quality exhaust systems • Competitive price and superior product

Cooling System Special $12.00 Off

• Check & drain cooling system • Pressure test system & refill with up to one gallon of coolant

Clutch Replacement Special 10% Off

Hyundai clutch replacement includes: • Hyundai Parts • Inspection • Installation

Hyundai Air Filter $54.95

Your Hyundai's first line of defense! Protect against airborne particles, Designed for your Hyundai