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Explore Innovative Technology in the All-New 2020 Hyundai Palisade

For months, Fall River families awaited the arrival of the 2020 Hyundai Palisade, and today you can find this luxurious, three-row SUV in the Empire Hyundai showroom. With such a spacious interior setup, you can finally give your family a relaxing atmosphere for all your future travels around the New Bedford area. In addition to its appealing design, Massachusetts families have excited over the superior technology that furnishes the cabin of the 2020 Palisade.

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How to Change Your Car Clock for Daylight Savings

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Daylight savings is quickly approaching and on March 10 we will officially lose one hour of sleep in the morning. For Massachusetts residents, daylight savings begins this year on March 10, 2019 when the clocks should reset from 2am to 3am.

Daylight savings will end on Nov 3, 2019 and we will regain that hour once again. In either scenario, or on the off-chance you just need the general knowledge, it is important to know how to change the time for your various appliances--and especially for your Hyundai vehicle.


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A Hyundai Sedan May Be the Next Step for Current Ford Sedan Owners

Hyundai sedans can go toe-to-toe with every competitor's sedan in their class because few can match the value, adaptability, reliability, and overall driving experience of the Hyundai sedans on our car lot. This includes a variety of Ford sedans, which, you may have heard, won't be around for much longer. We believe that there is a Hyundai sedan that can replace the Ford Focus, Fusion, or Fiesta that you've grown attached to over the years.

If you've loved your Ford sedan but are worried that you won't enjoy the same experience behind the wheel once…

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What is Hyundai Auto Link? Find Out at Empire Hyundai.

If there's one thing that most drivers share in common, it's a desire to get the most out of their cars. You want to be able to hit the road confident that it will last for years to come. One of the best ways to help with this? Making sure you do your part to take care of your vehicle.

That's a task that can be easier said than done. Every driver has little habits, and it can be hard to identify when you're driving in a way that can negatively affect your vehicle and its…

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Say Hello to Hyundai's New 2018 Vehicle Lineup

The new year is nearly upon us, and that means Hyundai has begun to roll out its 2018 models. Each of these models are seeing updates and upgrades for the next model year.

Among cars and compacts, there are several changes. The Accent and Elantra GT are all new, while the Sonata gets a fresh redesign. The 2018 Ioniq carries over from 2017, but gets a new plug-in hybrid trim.


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