It's the time of year when days are shorter and the air crisper, which is often a reminder that it's time to prepare your vehicle for winter. Our dealership helps all sorts of drivers with auto maintenance in Fall River, and we see many car owners looking to winterize their vehicle to deal with the snow, ice, and cold that the season brings.

How to Winterize Your Vehicle

Drivers that have dealt with New England winters know that you can only do so much to prepare for big storms and the weather conditions we see. There are some basic auto maintenance tasks and winter driving tips that can make a big difference in your experience during winter travel. Following the advice below will help with travel during the holidays or when you have to get to work after a big snowstorm.

Have the Right Winter Tires

If you only do one thing to prepare for winter driving, adding snow or winter tires to your vehicle should be it. The added traction that these tires provide is necessary when dealing with all types of snow and slush as you're less likely to slide and will have greater control. We have new winter tires for sale near New Bedford, and our team can help you find the right tire style and fit for your model.

Check Your Fluids and Battery

Cold weather will impact several parts of your vehicle. The battery is certainly one to check because the cold can drain it more quickly, which can leave you stranded. We also suggest getting an oil change and fluid top-off, including wiper fluid, so that you know all fluids are at the right level.

Undercoating Services

Keeping your car rust-free adds to its longevity and value, but salt and grime on the roads, paired with wetter conditions, can lead to faster corrosion. Undercoating is a great way to protect the most important parts of your vehicle from rusting, and we can help with this service.

Prepare for the Worst

Finally, you should keep a winter preparedness kit in your vehicle so that you have supplies should you get into an accident. It helps to have bottled water and foods that won't spoil, such as nuts. Other items to keep in your car during winter include extra sets of warm clothes, jumper cables, and a windshield scraper.

Why Come to Our Hyundai Service Center near Warwick, RI?

If the tips above reminded you that it's time for an oil change or to mount winter tires, our service center is here to help. Drivers trust us to do jobs right in a speedy, affordable manner so that they know they can trust their vehicle and aren't without it for long. Our skilled technicians have experience working on all sorts of vehicles, so you can come to us no matter the make or model you drive. You can also check out our auto service specials to see the winter service deals that we're running currently!

Contact the Service Team at Empire Hyundai to Schedule Your Appointment

There's a lot that goes into preparing your vehicle for winter travel, but our team can go over some tips to help you out. We're also here to answer questions about Hyundai maintenance schedules or anything else to do with your vehicle, so don't hesitate to reach out to our team today!

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