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Daylight savings is quickly approaching and on March 10 we will officially lose one hour of sleep in the morning. For Massachusetts residents, daylight savings begins this year on March 10, 2019 when the clocks should reset from 2am to 3am.

Daylight savings will end on Nov 3, 2019 and we will regain that hour once again. In either scenario, or on the off-chance you just need the general knowledge, it is important to know how to change the time for your various appliances--and especially for your Hyundai vehicle.

How to Change the Clock Manually on an Older Hyundai

On an older model Hyundai vehicle, a touchscreen display will not be available for you to navigate. Instead, you will have to search for the appropriate buttons to change the time. The following process may not work for every Hyundai vehicle, but it is a good place to start:

  1. First, locate the clock in your car (it could be further up on the dash or lower by the gear shift).

  2. Next, look around the clock and see if there are small buttons near to it.

  3. In some models there might be a rotating dial for this, but most recent non-touch Hyundai models will have two nearby buttons: one that advances the hour and one that advances the minutes.

  4. If you can see these two buttons, the top one usually changes the hour. It may be labeled "H" for hour. Simply click through until you reach your desired hour.

  5. The lower button usually changes the minute. It may be labeled "M" for minute. Simply click through until you reach your desired minute and you are done.

How to Change the Clock Manually on a Newer Hyundai

If you own a newer Hyundai with either a DIS touch system or a touchscreen, follow the rough guidelines below:

For a DIS Touch System

  1. First, locate the HOME button and press it.

  2. Next, locate the SETTINGS icon (gear) and touch it.

  3. Within SETTINGS, locate CLOCK and press it.

  4. Within the clock menu, choose either GPS Time or Time Format to either change by a set time or adjust manually.

For a Touch Only System

  1. First, locate and press the SETUP button.

  2. Next, locate and press the CLOCK icon.

  3. Similar to the DIS system, navigate between GPS Time and Time Format to set a fixed time or custom time respectively.

  4. If you choose to manually set the time with Time Format, use the up and down arrows displayed to manipulate Month, Day, Year, Hour, Min, and PM or AM.

The Daylight Savings Feature

If you don't want to waste time fidgeting manually with the hour and minute settings, look for the DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME button within the Time Setting menu.

This option if switched on will automatically jump the time forward by an hour. If you are trying to jump backwards or something has gone wrong, simply return to Time Format and manually adjust and correct.

Questions? Call Us Today!

If any of the above steps confuse you or your Hyundai model does not have the same buttons or settings menu, please call and one of our dealership employees would be happy to help you sort it out.

We are also around to answer any questions you may have about our collection of new Genesis G80 & G90 vehicles, our service center, or finance department.

And, if you are in the fall river or greater Boston area, we encourage you to make the trip out to our lot to view our cars in person, ask questions you may have face-to-face, set up a test drive, or have your car in for an oil change or other service.

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