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Finance 101

Not everyone is a financial guru, but a few basic tips and pieces of knowledge can help anyone get a better deal when financing a vehicle. Check out these quick tips to get started on saving money with your next car purchase.

Know What's in a Credit Score

Knowing what factors have a major impact on your credit score can help you improve it if necessary. Not everyone has time to do the research, so we'll help you out.

·             Payment history (35%)

·             Amounts owed (30%)

·             Length of Credit History (15%)

·            Credit Mix (10%)

·            New Credit (10%)

Keep Track of Your Credit Score

Your credit score is essentially the key to your financial future. While performing a hard check will ultimately hinder your score in the long run, soft credit checks won't hurt. In fact, many major credit card companies will provide you with your credit score at each monthly statement.

Get Preapproved

Knowing how much you can afford prior to going to the dealership lot will ultimately save you from overspending. Getting a preapproved loan will help you get the best deal and allow you to forego any additional financing costs.

Pay in Cash

If you can pay for the entire price of the vehicle in cash, why are you getting a loan to begin with? Paying for the vehicle outright will only save you money in interest.

Unfortunately, not every driver has the option to pay for a vehicle in cash. Many can, however, pay for smaller miscellaneous expenses in cash. These expenses, which includes taxes, fees, and any extras, usually get rolled into the financed amount. That means you get charged interest for them.

Paying for any miscellaneous expenses is a great way to save some money in interest over the course of the loan.

Shorten Loan Terms

A longer loan term will mean a lower monthly payment, but it also means paying more over the course of the loan. That interest rate adds up significantly over a five-, six-, or seven-year loan. Determine how much you can afford per month and aim for the loan term that best fits that amount.